Outpatient & Inpatient


Laboratory & Radiology



Renal care - Dialysis (upcoming)

ICU/HDU (upcoming)

Oncology / Chemotherapy (upcoming)

Accident and Emergency



The outpatient department is well organized and prepared for any eventualities common to the medical industry. There are four resident doctors covering, specialists (Gynacologist, Paedetrician, Orthpaedic surgeon, ENT) on scheduled days, doctors on locum and a team of clinical officers all stationed for the best support to our patients. It is equipped with a day / minor theatre for minor surgeries and other ambulatory procedures fully backed with all round anaesthetic services within the outpatient block.

In patient

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital is a 60 bed facility run by a dedicated multidisciplinary team consisting of resident doctors, specialists with admitting rights, physiotherapists, registered nurses who offer individualised care to patients and dedicated patient care attendants with the aim of restoration of health status, health promotion and health maintenance. Apart from the exemplary nursing care, we are upfront on our catering and room standards.

24 Hour Pharmacy

The Hospital maintains a well stocked pharmacy serving the inpatient and outpatient departments plus over the counter services. For quality standards and service, a professional and experinced team is charged with the duty to run the delicate unit. The pharmacy is open 24 hours daily including weekends and public holidays.

24 Hour Laboratory

The Nanyuki Cottage Hospital Laboratory is run by a team of qualified and registered laboratory experts. All internal quality controls and calibrations are done on a daily basis to guarantee most correct and quality reports. We are also registered with external quality assurance system for International reviews. Key procedures; Cholenisterase Testing, Blood Cultures, Cardiac Enzymes, Thyroid Screening e.t.c


Our physiotherapy department offers both outpatient and inpatient services to all groups of population ranging from new borns to geriatrics. We also prescribe and fit orthotics. Among the services; ultra-sound therapy, mechanical lumbar and cervical traction, moist heat therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electro-muscular stimulation, therapeutic exercises, cryotherapy, manipulative therapy, egornomic and posture training e.t.c..


The Cottage Hospital Dental unit is well equipped with clinics held every Tuesday to Friday by dental officers. Among the dental services offered at the facility at affordable rates are; Extractions, Chekups, Fillings, Root canal treatments, Full mouth scaling, Orthodontic treatment, Crown works and Implantology (Consultants). Bookings are done at the reception.


The hospital has a well equipped modern TWIN THEATRE facility unique in design with a sun roof, capable of handling a great number of major surgeries. With the upcoming ICU construction in progresss and the class of qualification amongst the theatre staff coupled with vast experince, the facility is deemed to raise the bar even higher in levels of surgical cases and life support.

Louise Decker Centre

The LDC is a home away from home which offers care for the elderly. It is manned by a team of qualified nurses with great wealth of experience on geriatric care. The facility has a capacity of 16 beds, 14 being private deluxe rooms and a twin shared facility room. We give service to the elderly in the society and also those with medical / surgical conditions who require 24 hour attendance by a dedicated team during their precious sunset days ensuring comfort at this critical stage of their lives.

Sheltered housing

This is a special part of cottage which offers housing units for the senior citizens in the community who are not fully dependant but in need of close medical supervision. The units are strategicaly situated in the most serene, quiet and nature friendly corner along the banks of river Nanyuki.

Mother and Child Health

Daily clinics are held whereby both ante-natal and post-natal mothers receive the necessary reproductive health services including the prerequisite counseling and advice on (PMTC) Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (of HIV/AIDS). Children under five years are immunized and get their growth monitored accordingly. Family planning services also available at the facility

Accident & Emergency

The hospital has a well equipped Accident and Emergency unit with a day theatre to counter any eventualities of the magnitude. Supported by the resident doctors under the directorship of Dr. A. M. Butt and a team of well trained and devoted nurses, the unit has proved to be critical and of value to the general public.


The hospital catering department plays a major role in patient recovery as nutrition is key speedy healing and increasing strength and energy. The patients have a variety of well balanced delicious meals to choose from all in the aim to give the necessary nutrients.