X-ray Unit

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital Digital X-ray

We have a digital X-ray Unit which can generate high resolution images at low rediation dose. all X-ray examination are provided at our facility...


Nanyuki Cottage Hospital CT-Scan

Our CT-Scan can capture images from head to toe and provides comprehensive and detailed images in matter of few minutes the CT gives detailed and precise information of bone in case of complex fracture & bone pathologies, 3D reormatted images can obtained in few minutes and produced for better evaluation...


Nanyuki Cottage Hospital Ultrasound

Ultrasound examination is especially useful for obstetric, pelvic and abdominal examination. We perform various doppler studies specialised ultrasound examination like: thyroid,eye,musculoskeletal and neonatal brain are also done at our centre. Ultrasound guided drainage procedures & biopsies are also available..