Did you know...

The Nanyuki Cottage Hospital (NCH) is a not-for-profit community facility located at the foot of Mt. Kenya in the Municipality of Nanyuki. It is on the main highway from Nairobi to North Kenya and is managed by a Committee of volunteers who are elected by Members of the Hospital at an Annual General Meeting.
The NCH was founded in 1934 when land was made available by Mr. R.H. Randall, and which was bought by the Community for a Hospital. The hospital was initially called The General Wheatley Memorial Hospital. In 1950 the main Hospital building was constructed.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


To become a preferred Centre of Excellence in provision of affordable quality healthcare within Mt. Kenya region by being: • Responsive to health needs in the community • Rational in provision of services • Innovative and supportive • Mindful of Social Corporate Responsibility


To provide quality and reliable healthcare in a fully equipped secondary healthcare facility to as broad a section of the community as is economically possible

Core Values

Compassion, Professionalism, Teamwork, Integrity and Honesty are values that we embrace in management and delivery of our services.

Meet Our Staff

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital is enriched with an exeptionally skilled and knowledgeable medical team entrusted with the great responsibility for giving both acute and palliative care. The hospital is covered by four resident doctors; Dr A. M. Butt (Director of clinical services), Dr. Z. Muikamba (MO), Dr. F. Ogoti (MO) and Dr. D. Munga (MO), specialist consultants with admission rights, clinical officers (Johnson Mungai) covering the nights, Hospital Matron (Mary Macharia) plus a great nursing team supported by patient care attendants.

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Dr. Douglas Munga

Resident medical officer

Dr. Munga, a graduate from the University of Nairobi joined Nanyuki Cottage Hospital in 2018. He is continuously dedicated to medical education by participating in various conventions, symposiums and trainings striving for knowledge in his field. He is certified in BLS, ACLS, EMONC and ETAT+.

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Dr. Felix Ogoti

Resident medical officer

A graduate from Kenyatta University with MBchB. He is proficient with Overall Patient Care, Emergency and Critical Care. Certified in BLS, ACLS, ETAT+. Going forward to specialize in Emergency and Critical Care.

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Dr. Zian Muikamba

Resident medical officer

Dr. Muikamba is a MBChB graduate of the University of Nairobi. He joined the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital early 2017. Certified in BLS, he holds a strong interest in Internal Medicine which he is to persue in the near future.

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Dr. Christopher Kariuki


Dr. Kariuki joined Cottage Hospital in 2019 as a Consultant Anaesthiologist and head of the Critical care, Accidnt & Emergency unit. Dr. Kariuki comes in with MBChb, Mmed (Anaesthesia) UON.